We do

Web development

Uteek pilots your website creation process for your business, your event, your association, etc. We strive to ensure the success of your project. We guide you through the definition of business requirements and walk you until the launch of your site using custom design.

E-commerce website

Uteek Digital helps you create a real shop on the web. Your pages will be optimized to meet the ergonomic standards. We support you in achieving your goals.

Event website

An event website is to promote an event. Uteek Digital advises and makes your event website into a real communication process and help you communicate with ease.

Showcase website

A showcase website represents your business. Uteek Digital accompanies you and advise you in achieving your site to display and shine on the web. The success of your business is important to us.

Institutional website

An institutional website aims to reflect a beautiful image of your association, organization… Uteek Digital helps you ensure that your corporate website becomes the ideal platform to get your messages or to organize events.

Site intranet extranet

An intranet is a custom web application for internal needs of a business. An extranet is a website dedicated to partners or customers of a business. We support you in the design and development of the appropriate solution.

Mobile app

Uteek walks you through all phases of your mobile projects with a team of experts in mobile development, design and ergonomics.

IOS application

iPhone , iPad , iPod Touch, iOS application is an important factor to boost your web marketing strategy….

Android application

Android has emerged as the undisputed leader of the mobile mainframe. Uteek assists you in designing your app .

Windows phone

Uteek Digital offers its expertise, starting from the design phase until Go live of the to the mobile applications Windows Phone

Application Ipad / tablet

The number of tablet users has been expending since 2013, Uteek walks you through the design of your apps for the Apple brand as well as for Android.

HTML 5 application

With the new features of HTML5, Uteek offers users an almost identical experience as native applications

Digital Marketing

Digital strategy consulting

Digital Uteek assist you in deploying your digital strategy, by offering customized recommendations.

E-reputation management

E- Reputation is all positive and negative traces on the Internet. We help you boost positive traces and reduce the impact of negative traces.


This is the SEO of your website in search engines . We strive to improve your positioning on the agreed keywords and increased traffic from SEO.

Community management

Uteek Digital accompanies you throughout the year in the development of your visibility on social networks . We develop customized recommendations for your social media strategy.

Affiliation and media performance

We help you increase your visibility through a broadcast network trilled on .Editeur pane, Uteek Digital helps you optimize your ad spaces to get the best conversion performance.

Display and RTB

The distribution of your display campaigns is achieved by the purchase of advertising space available on the media sites. Uteek Digital highlights his experience and knowledge of the target for each site to offer the best solution for your campaigns.

Mobile marketing

The mobile has become in recent years the essential communication mean for advertisers and companies placing more and more.